How To Create The Watercolour Effect For Your Blog Banner/ Header.

Hey Everyone. How are you all doing? I have found a new hobby and that is making headers for my blog. What I like about having my personal blog is, I can create things however I want and the only persons’ approval I seek is of myself. So there is no stopping for my creativity. That’s why I like working individually rather than in a group.

Header  is a very important aspect of your blog as it depicts the theme, nature of the blogger or the blog itself. My headers are mostly pastel, floral and girly which in turn reflect what I love. By just looking at my header you will know that I love floral stuff and pastel colors and in all honesty it all changes as per my mood. So, I think that the layout of  a blog can help in knowing the blogger a little better.

For me, creating headers is a fun task and I want to become the best in it. I have just started, so I haven’t learned all the ropes of it but you always start from the bottom and make your way up. I saw that people were paying to get this watercolour effect banner so I thought why not save everyone the money and just give you all a tutorial. 💛

I create all my banners on Photoshop CS6. You can buy it from here if you don’t have it.

So, let’s get started.

First of all, find some inspo from Pinterest if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want. According to your theme, choose the size of your header image and open a new blank canvas of that size on Photoshop.

Now, to get the watercolour effect you have to download watercolour brushes from the internet. I downloaded mine from here. You can find numerous types of brushes here. This site has marble background brush (as you can see in my current header), textured brushes and so much more. Check it out.

After downloading the brushes, extract it on your PC. After extracting, go to Photoshop and click on the brush tool. Then you will see a drop down menu. Over there, click the wheel icon and then click on the option “load brushes.” Select the extracted brush and there you go, you have your brushes ready to use.


This time I have tried something different, I have included a tutorial video so do check that out as that would be easier to understand.

Thanks for reading. If you found it useful do let me know. It would mean a lot and also press the star while leaving. xx

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Society- My View

People say that, “what matters is the beauty within not the outer beauty” but is that really the case? People say that the heart is what matters but I beg to differ. Now be honest, do you first see the person’s physical features or their heart? Do you see how they truly are? How truthful, trustworthy, kind they are? Obviously, a kind heart and soul is important but that’s not the primary focus for most people.
You start a conversation with those who you fancy. You don’t just go and start talking to anyone. Not just with respect to relationships, but also when making new friends. You approach those who you think would be perfect for you to have a good time with. Who you think may indulge in same interests as you.
To know someone’s heart, you need to talk to them. And people talk to or approach only those who they are attracted to or are interested in, which in most cases is based upon looks.
So basically, looks DO matter, however shallow that may sound but that’s the bitter reality.
The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is totally correct. You would find a person extremely good-looking, be it a girl or a boy, but that same individual wouldn’t be as appealing to someone else. For example, you may like how a certain “Instagram model” looks but not everyone is going to find them beautiful. Similarly, if you don’t find someone beautiful, someone else may. This is where the “type” comes in picture. She’s not my type and all that. So, when next time you think that why is she/he with him/her keep this in mind, that may be they find them beautiful. And also they may have a beautiful “soul.”

Tell me your views on the topic and whether do you agree or not. And please do not get offended. I think it’s high time that people should stop getting offended by trivial things, it’s 2018 after all. Happy New Year guys! I hope you have the best year and achieve all the good stuff that the world has to offer.

Until next post,

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The Liebster Award.

Hello everyone! It feels so good to be back on here. My exams were a heck tonne of headache but now I’m done with them. I was nominated for the Liebester Award by the very lovely Alina. She is genuinely the most loveliest person I have ever come across on the Internet. ever. She deserves so much more recognition. This is what I love the most about such awards. They help the budding bloggers by giving them exposure, to the other bloggers of the community and also help in finding new friends and readers.

So let’s start with the rules:

  1. Answer the 11 questions that you’ve been asked
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers
  3. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  4. Let them know you nominated them

Questions asked by the lovely Alina-

1.What do you want to achieve from your blog life?

⇒ I want people to know me and be loved by all for what I do and for the content that I create. And somewhere down the line, maybe, earn a living through this.

2.Who was your main inspiration and why?

⇒My main inspirations have always been all the YouTubers and bloggers, who hustle every single minute to get where they are right now and watching them hustle makes me want to do that too.

3.Hot Chocolate or Coffee?

⇒Neither. I’m lactose intolerant. I know, it kinda sucks. And coffee aggravates my anxiety.

4.What is your personal favourite brand?

⇒Hands down, Maybelline.

5.What is your current biggest dream?

⇒To own a Dog! (lol) and to secure a job which pays a 6 digits cheque.

6.What is on your wishlist? (Christmas or Birthday?)

⇒A DSLR camera. Because I love photography.

7.If you were given the opportunity to blog about a place that you love and were sent to for free where would you choose?

⇒ I would love to blog about Egypt. I have been fascinated by those pyramids since I was little. And the beauty of Egypt provides a lot of opportunity for great photography.

8.Do you like traveling?

⇒If the transport mode is not crowded and I have someone’s company, I like it.

9.What is one thing you never want to blog about?

⇒ I would never blog about people who have impacted my life in a negative way because I want to keep this space as a happy place. And they don’t deserve that kind of importance.

10. The one essential you can’t leave without, apart from your phone and money?

⇒ My water bottle. I carry it everywhere. And also a lip balm or lipstick.

11. What is your favourite perfume?

⇒ I don’t really have any favourites in terms of perfume. I spritz on whichever perfume  is the closest to me.

My nominees are:

Val Kibet

Jane Gealy


Writing Queerly

Getting Out of My Own Head

These are my 6 nominees because I couldn’t find 11.

My Questions for the nominees are:

  1. Do you like to get clicked or click someone else’s pictures?
  2. Who is your favourite family member and why?
  3. If you had a Dinosaur as a pet, what would you name them?
  4. If you were in a horror movie, which one would you be, the first one to die or the last one to die?
  5. Your favourite Soap or Shower gel?
  6. Have you watched any Bollywood movie? And if yes, who is your favourtie bollywood actor?
  7. If you had to donate any one of your favourite/ personal items, what would you give up?
  8. Which was your favourite subject in school?
  9. What are your opinions on cosmetic surgeries?
  10. What do you like the most about yourself?
  11. What is your dream job?

That was all for this post. Hope you enjoyed knowing a little more about me.

~Veena xx


Top 10 YouTubers to subscribe to (not the overly famous ones)

I think nowadays, no one watches T.V. Everyone has started watching shows online and videos on YouTube. Personally, I like to watch shows online and YouTube videos. You can watch them as per your convenience and pause it, forward it, rewind it, in short everything is under your control.

YouTube has been the best platform for me, that provides entertainment as well as helps me in learning college stuff and also in DIYs. Basically you can learn about anything plus, it’s a type of visual information. So that’s great. I spend 90% of my free time on YouTube and people around me know that too! I’m that kind of person who gets trapped in to the YouTube Vortex.

So, I would like to recommend 10 of my favourite YouTube channels. (obviously in no particular order)

1. BuzzFeed Unsolved – Supernatural : Season 3


Buzzfeed Unsolved features stories and investigations regarding supernatural and criminal cases. Season 3 revolves around supernatural cases that deals with aliens and ghosts and demons. It’s really fun to watch if you are interested in such kind of mystery videos.

2. Patricia Bright


Patricia is a UK-based YouTuber and the funniest person I have ever came across. She makes haul, fashion, sometimes beauty realted videos. But trust me, she’s really entertaining to watch.

3. Larissa DSa


Larissa is an Indian YouTuber and makes DIYs, fashion look books, beauty related videos and vlogs as well.

4. Alissa Violet


You may know Alissa, she’s a model too and a really fun person to watch. She’s weird, pretty and funny. She mostly posts vlogs, challenge videos and Q&As.

5. Debasree Banerjee


Debasree is an Indian beauty vlogger and her videos are really informative. The tutorials are really good.

6. Senay Bostancioglu


Senay is an Australian YouTuber and does some really crazy and amazing eye looks. Her skills are amazing and a great inspiration for “out there” bold makeup looks.

7. Sejal Kumar


Sejal does amazing travel videos and also your basic hauls, shopping challenges and stuff. Her travel vlogs have really nice shots with the help of her go-pro. Recently, she has been to a solo trip around Europe. You must check it out!

8. Safiya Nygaard


I think EVERYONE may know about Safiya, but I had to include her in this list because I genuinely LOVE LOVE LOVE her videos. She comes up with such crazy ideas and has even been featured in the Teen Vogue. She used to be a part of the buzzfeed community but then she parted ways from them and established her own personal channel.

9. Shreya Jain


Shreya does beauty videos, hauls, look books and DIYs. She is a really great and her videos show that she has put a lot of effort into them. Her make-up skills are just so amazing.

10. Jess and Gabriel


Probably, the best couple YouTubers I have ever come across. They both are so cute and fun to watch. And their love is just…uh… I have no words. You have to, have to watch them SON (if you have already watched them, you’ll get it.) Anyways, they both are really humble, genuine and loving kind of people. And I can bet you, their wedding video will move you to tears. You can watch it here OUR WEDDING.

That’s it for my list. Do tell me if you like any of these YouTubers.

Do you follow any one of them already?

Thanks for reading xx







How to pick the perfect foundation.

First of all, I would love to thank each one of you. This blog has reached 200 followers, and I couldn’t be happier! *throws confetti everywhere* Your love and support motivate me a lot. And I hope you all enjoy reading my posts.


I bought my very first foundation this year and let me tell you, it was a horrendous disaster. It was not my shade. At all. Ashy as hell! (did you get it? ashy? as everything burns in hell.) Anyways, I did not know anything about foundations and blindly trusted the girl on the counter who sold me the shade #128. Later when I came home did not know what was wrong with the foundation and didn’t use it ever again. After this incident, I did some research and came to know that my shade is supposed to be around #230.

So the tips I would like to give are

  • Firstly, you have to be sure about the undertone of your skin, which can be found out by observing the colour of your veins.
  • Don’t swatch the foundation on your hands because the colour difference is sometimes a lot, between your face and hands.
  • Match the foundation colour with your neck.
  • Make sure the formulation of the foundation and what skin type it aids to.
  • Read and watch a ton of foundation reviews and compare your skin tone with the reviewer’s. Make a note of your shade range.
  • Take the foundation you are already using to match the shades.
  • Double check the foundation in natural lighting while buying.
  • And if there are samples available, then try those first before buying the foundation.
  • Don’t go for high coverage if you don’t need it because low coverage looks more natural mostly and no one likes a cakey face.

You can give the site Findation a try too. Where, you can find your shade of a foundation by a particular brand, by comparing it with the one you already own.

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Blogging Tips: To the Beginners from a Beginner.


Hey everyone! It has been merely 3 months since I started my blogging journey. Just like everyone else I was completely clueless how it worked. I didn’t know how to create a header, didn’t know what kind of layout I wanted, didn’t know what I want to write about but what I did know was, I wanted to start a blog!

This blog started in a phase where I was angry, a lot. So I wanted a source to “vent” my thoughts hence the name. Whatever knowledge and information I had about blogs were limited just to knowing that, this was the place where people upload look books and gave reviews on products.

In the beginning, I hardly got any audience on my blog but even those 5 views meant a lot to me. Then the novelty wore off. I started thinking that do people even like my content or writing style and blah blah blah. Then I came to know that people won’t see my blogs as I’m not promoting them. It took me 2 months to grab onto the basics of blogging and how to customize my blog and all that stuff.

I thought that, only a beginner can very much relate to a beginner. So, I thought of writing a post on blogging tips. I’m still learning obviously and in no means am I an expert yet. I just want the beginners to skip all the basic troubles I had, which took me almost 2 months to know about. I have learned a lot with the help of the lovely commenters of the wordpress and twitter community.

Writing The Blog Post

  • Whenever you write a post make sure to divide your post in short paragraphs rather than writing long one’s. It’s easier to read and skim through them that way.
  • Choose a featured image which is appealing to the eye and also relatable to your post in some way.
  • You don’t DO NOT need a really expensive camera for blogging. In the beginning, the smartphone cameras work just fine.
  • Research thoroughly on the topic that you are going to write about. Because you should know what you’re writing about and also you should be writing an authentic post.
  • Make do with whatever you have with you. You don’t need to buy those marble table tops or fairy lights or succulents if you can’t afford them just because you want to be like other bloggers. You can use chart papers for you flatlay backgrounds or you can print out printables of whatever pattern you want.
  • Don’t copy what other bloggers are doing. You can definitely draw inspiration from viewing other people’s blog posts but that’s it. That is what you’re doing. Drawing inspiration, not copying.
  • Avoid using pictures from google or any other source as much as possible. Try clicking your own pictures or creating them with the help of apps like Photoshop, etc.
  • You can learn editing and creating headers and logos on YouTube.
  • Use Pinterest to get ideas for your blog and for inspiration.

Promoting The Blog

On WordPress

  • I promote my blog on wordpress by commenting on the Community Pools that were conducted by The Daily Post. If you are a new blogger you can comment on the First Friday post by The Daily Post. The wordpress has such lovely and encouraging people in its community who will always help you and give constructive feedbacks.
  • Engage with fellow bloggers by liking and commenting on their posts.
  • Encourage other bloggers and tell them what you like about their post.

Social Media

  • Use all your social media accounts up to the hilt.
  • Share the link to your posts accompanied by an eye-catching image and caption which will make more people to click on it.
  • Twitter is the best place for bloggers to promote their blogs and socialize with other bloggers. Take part in group chats and comment on other’s blog. Maybe even they will check your blog.
  • Don’t be that annoying person by constantly tweeting about your blog and retweeting it.
  • You can also make a Facebook page for your blog and join bloggers group on there.
  • Pinterest is also a great way of promoting the blog or so I have heard. I didn’t really get any traffic from Pinterest yet, but if I do, I’ll update you guys. You can pin your blogs on pinterest.
  • The key is to socialize and be supportive to other bloggers and in return maybe others will support you as well.
  • Give genuine opinions. Don’t be an ass-kisser. And if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything. Just like this lovely photo says here.

I’ll insert some links which I found useful in my blogging journey so far, which may help you as well.

The Practical Guide To Creating A Blogging Strategy That Actually Works This is an extremely helpful article.

Our Blogging Tips & Advice by Zoella and Louise

These are all the things that I can come up with right now. I hope you found it useful in some way. Make sure to comment below if you did. And also maybe like it 😋.

Thanks for reading. And do follow me on all my socials, I follow back!

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TOP 10 HORROR MOVIES *no spoilers*

Hey, you all beautiful people. I’m back with another blog post for you all. Currently I’m totally loving to binge watch Jess and Gabriels’ vlogs. They are like my favorites right now. My college has started, yet again, after a really long vacay. What are you all up to? I would genuinely like to know.

So, for today’s post, as you would have conjured up an idea by the title, I’ll tell you my personal favourite horror movie to watch. I’m an easily getting scared kind of person, so maybe that’s why I find these really scary but I think that they actually are scary too. I love getting scared but I hate the aftermath! 😁

I have watched a great deal of horror movies, maybe above 100, I really don’t know but I have watched plenty! It’s like a family tradition. Whenever we all kids have our vacations,the entire family gathers around. My brother, cousins, my aunt and I. And every night we would watch one horror movie, so it’s no given that I have watched so many horror movies.

To be completely honest with you guys, while searching for these movies and the pictures for these movies, I was so scared that it’s funny. All this research gave me chills and now I’m scared. I told you guys, I get scared very easily. I haven’t included the movies like conjuring, IT, purge because everyone has watched those movies, so it didn’t make any sense.

I won’t ramble any further and let’s just get on with the list.

#10 Jessabelle.


Super Creepy movie.

In order to recuperate after an accident, Jessie Laurent moves to Louisiana along with her estranged father. She finds a series of videotapes left by her deceased mother, which lead her to a secret.

#9 The Possession.

During a yard sale, Em, a young girl, comes across a dybbuk box and asks her father to buy it for her. She becomes increasingly obsessed with the box and begins exhibiting signs of being possessed.

#8 The Taking of Deborah Logan.

Mia records the daily lives of Deborah and her daughter Sarah as part of her thesis. As the days progress, strange things happen around Deborah, and it becomes apparent something has taken control of her.

#7 Friend Request.

Laura is a popular college student who graciously accepts an online friend request from Marina, a young social outcast. To everyone’s shock, Marina takes her own life after Laura decides to unfriend her. Soon, a disturbing and mysterious video appears on Laura’s profile and her contacts slowly dwindle. When her friends suddenly begin to die one by one, the frightened young woman must figure out a way to stop the carnage before it’s too late.

#6 Unfriended.

It’s really scary because of its relatability to our lives, like it’s around social media and modern technology.

Six friends get a shock of their lives when they receive a message from one of their deceased friends while video chatting. While they think it is a prank, they are soon exposed to some unruly events.

#5 Sinister (all the sequels)

True-crime writer Ellison Oswald (Ethan Hawke) is in a slump; he hasn’t had a best seller in more than 10 years and is becoming increasingly desperate for a hit. So, when he discovers the existence of a snuff film showing the deaths of a family, he vows to solve the mystery. He moves his own family into the victims’ home and gets to work. However, when old film footage and other clues hint at the presence of a supernatural force, Ellison learns that living in the house may be fatal.

#4 The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Very, very, very interesting. Trust me.

When father and son coroners investigate the death of a beautiful “Jane Doe,” they find increasingly bizarre clues.

#3 Lights Out.

Rebecca and her boyfriend try to investigate the connection between her mother and her imaginary friend, Diana, after her stepfather is murdered by a supernatural entity.

#2 Oculus.

Haunted by the violent demise of their parents 10 years earlier, adult siblings Kaylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim (Brenton Thwaites) are now struggling to rebuild their relationship. Kaylie suspects that their antique mirror, known as the Lasser Glass, is behind the tragedy. The seemingly harmless reflections contain a malevolent, supernatural force that infects the mind of anyone who gazes into it. As Kaylie gets closer to the truth, the siblings become caught in the mirror’s evil spell.

*drum rolls please*

#1 Hush.

This is more like a thriller movie as there is no ghost but trust me this is exceptionally  scary.

A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.

Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading. xx



The Ultimate Shopping Guide – Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway Shopping Guide

Hey guys! How are you all? I’m loving the blogging journey so far, a lot. And am inspired to hustle hard.

So, as you guys saw my haul of clothes and accessories from Colaba Causeway (if you haven’t do check it out), I thought to make a guide kind of thing consisting tips to shop from there.

Mumbai is the city of dreams. The city where Bollywood resides. It’s such a fun day in Mumbai, because there are people from all over the country and also around the world, of different languages, different religion, caste, all living in harmony (mostly) together.

Colaba causeway is a street situated in Bombay/Mumbai. People living in Mumbai and India may know about it. Foreigners who come to India, mostly come to Bombay/Mumbai too. Colaba Causeway is one of the best street shopping destination in Mumbai and it lies just behind the Taj Hotel, opposite gateway of India.

I have seen many times foreigners paying ₹500 for a simple tank top which we would get at ₹100 by bargaining.

So, to know the tips to shop at Colaba, please keep on reading.

  1. Carry a large tote bag with you to put all your purchases into, as they give the items in plastics which are difficult to carry. So, a tote will come in handy.
  2. Carry at least 2 bottles of water because it gets really hot, and constant bargaining and lotsss of walking will make you very, very thirsty.
  3. Wear a hat and sunglasses, because you know, India is a tropical country.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes because you have to walk a bit of distance. And comfortable clothes too.
  5. Bargain for everything that you buy because that’s why you are shopping from there; to get cheap stuff.
  •  Start from lower than half the price that the shopkeeper says, for e.g. If he says the cost for an item as 500, start from 200.
  • Make an agenda that you won’t spend more than 350 for an object and never agree to spend more than that because the same item will be available in every store there.
  • This time, as I was tired of bargaining every single time, I straight away told the shopkeepers that, ‘If you are willing to sell the item for 250 or 200 (or whatever price that I thought was appropriate) then I’ll take it.’ If they agree then good or I go to the next store where I end up getting the same item for whatever price I wanted it for.



  • Clothes.
  • Accessories – Caps, Hats, Jewelry, Scarves, Socks, Bags.
  • Footwear.
  • Phone Accessories, and much more.

For when you get hungry, you can have a quick snack at McDonald’s, Leopold Cafe or Cafe Mondegar.

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There are ‘good hair’ days, there are ‘bad hair’ days and then there are ‘I would rather stay at home’ hair days. For such ‘I would rather stay at home’ hair days I have 2 hairstyles for you which look super cute and trendy even though the texture of your hair is at its worst.

These are the hairstyles that I go for when I HAVE to go somewhere out and want to feel cute and take my outfit to the next level. To be honest, I only opt for these hairstyles when I’m with my family and never when I’m alone because Anxiety.

     1. Space Buns.

It’s really simple hairstyle. Just part your hair in two parts and tie a pony on each side. Then twist your hair until you make a bun as per your taste and secure it with bobby pins. Easy peasy!

   2. Double French Braids.

The Double Dutch braids are really complicated for me, so I go for the French Braids as they are easier. It also helps in keeping the hair out of your face. Just part your hair in 2 sections and Braid away along the sides.

That’s it for this post. Thanks for reading. xx

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Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick Review.

Let’s talk about Anxiety

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Featured image : Pinterest

Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick Review.

Maybelline is one of the most affordable brands out there which ranks equal to some high-end product with regards to quality. And honestly, it’s one of my favourites too. Most of my products are from Maybelline.

This Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick in the shade Smoking Red #10 is no exception. It’s bold and red as the name suggests.

As the site says:

Achieve high-impact color in one saturated stroke with Maybelline’s The Loaded Bolds lipstick. Hypercolor pigments and an opaque, creamy clay base deliver one-stroke intensity. The Loaded Bolds is available in a range of pigment-loaded shades from deep plums and electric blues to vibrant reds and natural nudes.


1. Delivers high-impact color in one saturated stroke.
2. An opaque, creamy clay base deliver one-stroke intensity.
3. Dermatologist and allergy tested.

The lipstick’s colours look totally different in real life as compared to the pictures showed on the website. So you may want to check them out in stores rather than purchasing online. The colour Smoking Red looks a little mauvey on the website but in reality, is very much red in colour.


  • Long-lasting. Even after I gobbled down Pani-puri, fruit yogurt and pasta it looked just as it looked after applying it.
  • Heavily Pigmented. The swatch showed is of just one single swipe.
  • Hydrating. Doesn’t make your lips dry down. And looks perfectly matte while being hydrating.


  • Transfers a LOT. Yet, even after transferring and smudging a lot, it stays on for a long time. You just have to be careful while eating.
  • Not so Cheap. It costs ₹550. The lipstick doesn’t seem worth ₹550 but it’s okay as a one time purchase.

Thanks for reading. Untill next post.